Starting to crush on a new guy. Finally feeling closure for sure this time. But… he’s so reminiscent of you. Showing each other corgi and baby videos on YouTube, like we used to… Am I falling into a trap?


I can’t forget you



La Défense, Paris, France 2010

After all this time
I’m so glad
You were finally able to gain some confidence
In yourself

I always wondered why
You were too afraid
To take off your shirt at the beach
When I kept telling you
There is nothing wrong
With your body

Maybe my constant
Was what pushed you away

Maybe it was I
Who had built up your confidence
And finally
Your ego

And with your new self worth
You realised
You could do so much better
Than I

Now you radiate
With confidence
She makes you happy
In ways I could not

But I’m glad you are finally able
To smile
And enjoy the summer
With your shirt off


Visual Development from Fantasia

Visual Development from Wall-E

How can I love you less, now that I know you more? It’s just a question that I still don’t have the answer for.


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I made a kid stop crying today.

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